I Feel Like a Fraud

This blog has been a great way for me to work through ideas. Regular readers will note that I have been grappling with concepts of authenticity, marketing, humanness, messaging, technology etc etc. So eventually I had to come across someone who has already taken the path and cleverly articulated a framework in which this all fits.

Johnnie Moore has a whole site dedicated to what he calls Open Source Marketing. His push is to focus on marketers, to challenge them (us) to understand the audience … and realise that the game has changed. He wants to put the humanity back into branding. He wants messaging to be authentic. He even has a workshop that you can participate in to learn how this may work for you.

There is plenty to chew on in these pages … Of course, the reason we read this stuff is because it provides pointers towards the things that we may need to address in our own work and private lives. Johnnie gives us the framework, now we need to go forth and use our creativty and energy to bring it to life — create results.

Better stop procrastinating (writing) and start generating (writing too).


One thought on “I Feel Like a Fraud

  1. Thanks for the kind words… glad you found my stuff interesting. By the way, I often feel like a fraud myself so positive feedback like yours is very encouraging.
    Actually I think “feeling like a fraud” may be more about wondering if it’s just me thinking this. It’s part of being on the bleeding edge I guess…

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