Are You Off the List?

Listening the radio yesterday, there was a discussion about lists. There are books about lists and lists about lists, and in a way, most blogs are just lists of ideas, random thoughts and collections of other people’s lists.

We make lists to help us organise the chaos of our worlds. Some of us are compulsive about lists, others not so … me? I love a list. But just because I write lists doesn’t mean that I follow it. For me the list is just a starting point.

So, as a way of starting a trawl of the web, I found this site courtesy of Tom Peters … it is a list of the Top 10 Sources. Sure it is subjective, but that is what we need (and expect)… an opinion or a small piece of guidance will help us to decide whether something makes our own personal list or NOT.

What is at the top of your list today? Bet it changes tomorrow!