What is Listener’s Block?

Yeah, but no, but yeah! Sometimes repeating the same thing over and over simply does not explain a concept … which means there is a listener’s block of some kind. This is almost the exact opposite of a writer’s block … it is where you can’t hear the truth for the noise. The antidote to listener’s block is authenticity.

If, as a communicator, a marketer or writer you focus on not just telling your story, but on allowing it to be understood by your audience, then you are being authentic. In addition, by speaking to your audiences in terms that they can understand, there is a greater chance that they will ADOPT the ideas that you express and turn them into their own. Some call this word-of-mouth … and there is plenty about this circulating on the web at the moment.

The problem of course, is that you can’t really tell how your story will be manipulated or changed from mouth to mouth. This is why a good story needs to be authentic, so that no matter how it is transmitted it gets through to people on an emotional level, regardless of what or how they hear it.

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