Share Your Nuggets

I was reading this article on how to demonstrate technology, and I can see the point. However, not all of us are talking technology in a presentation … sometimes the subject of the presentation is less tangible. But no matter whether you are presenting a strategy, a brand identity or a promotional campaign there are some great takeaway points in the article.

There is one thing though that I would add … and that is, find a way that makes the presentation an easy story to tell someone else. The people who are watching your presentation need to be able to tell their friends and colleagues about you, so make sure there are some nice little nuggets that are easy to share.

For example:

  • Hit your key message at least THREE times during the presentation
  • Make sure that your messages are easy to remember and repeat
  • Give away your story — tell it in a mnemonic form so that people can recount it
  • Meet and greet before and after

These are just some of the many tips. Got any others? Happy to hear your tips!