Groovy Girls

Remember when you were a kid and there were toys that really linked in with the way you saw yourself? Looking back now, I could see that these were toys that had a story that I could understand, but also a story that I could make my own.

But these days, I look around and see toys that want kids to be something else. They are not so much about story – just about money. Hey, I don’t have a problem with that, but really, if you are going to fork out hard earned dollars for a toy for your kids, then you want it to be for a toy with heart.

Call me old fashioned, but didn’t we leave the industrial age behind for a reason? Didn’t we (as a society) come to the realisation that children were entitled to a childhood? And, if so, why do we continue to produce toys that encourage kids to age-up?

What a breath of fresh air it was then to discover Groovy Girls. These dolls look like little girls, they are individual, diverse in terms of ethnic makeup and provide a fresh perspective to girls during their formative years. And while they may not quite be a Purple Cow, some at least dress in purple. And that is groovy.


Oh – and they have a great website. Check it out!