Sometimes a Google Ad can lead you somewhere good!

I was just looking at one of Terry’s games and saw this link. The short ad to "Plant your own seed" led me to the GE site. I loved the metaphor and was interested enough to follow through.

A Flash interactive movie encouraged me to type words and see what would grow. Obviously certain key words worked better than others, but I found it fascinating to write/type and see what happened. Interestingly, when you follow the link through to the main Ecomagination site, you are already in an organic mind-set. You are relaxed and open to an alternative experience, because you have been concentrating on imagining new words.

And because you are in that creative mindspace, you are waiting for, and hoping for, a creative but corporate website from GE. Do they deliver? Well, you tell me!

This is a very interesting way of stimulating a web visitor. Through clever design, GE have been able to prepare visitors for an engaging and creative experience. But then, I love a story.