Bring Others Along With You

I was very excited to receive my copy of The Big Moo today. I had forgotten that I had ordered it sometime ago – but the good folks over at A&R reminded me, and duly shipped it in!

Of course, the day was busy with … well business, but this evening I have been able to cast a quick eye over the content. Is it good? I can’t tell yet. Is it inspiring?

Yes – from the first page.

Sometimes you need to be reminded. Sometimes you need another person to articulate your thoughts. And sometimes you need to feel validated in your beliefs.

I like the way The Big Moo (p xi) sets the scene:

    1. The only way to grow is to be remarkable.
    2. The only barrier to being remarkable is your ability to persuade your peers to make it happen.

Sometimes those you know best are the hardest to convince. Start close and work outwards. Take on board the criticisms, the challenges as well as the enthusiasm, then talk to a customer.

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