End Fat Wallet Syndrome with NU Lifestyle

I love gadgets. Sometimes they are things I will use for work, sometimes it is software. Sometimes it’s just something fun – or that I “always wanted”. But rather than keeping it to myself, I thought I’d share it with you – as part of my Gadget Weekend posts.

At the beginning of each year I investigate my wallet. After 12 months of action it’s usually inches thick, bursting with paper, cards, receipts and so on (I’d like to say cash). At new year, I pull out the receipts, cards and extraneous bits of paper. I get rid of the credit or membership cards that I never use and begin the process of replacing the cards that have been damaged or cracked from constant use/wallet wear.

I am always amazed at how much more comfortable it is to carry my slimmer, more manageable wallet.

But these days, our credit, debit and membership cards are “smart” cards – storing personal information in the chips embedded into the fabric of the cards. And while this is convenient, it also represents a security risk. Advanced card skimmers can tap into the RFID information contained in your card and the details revealed.

One solution to these problems is the NU Lifestyle card holder with RFID blocking protection. An Indiegogo project, it’s been designed to simplify the most complex wallet – trimming it down to the most essential of cards and a bit of cash. It has some other cool features:

  • RFID blocking through the creation of a Faraday Cage (yep, it’s a real thing)
  • Aircraft grade aluminium for strength (and to reduce drag during hot eBay bidding)
  • Ass-hugging design (believe it or not, it fits very nicely into your rear pocket)


As usual with Indiegogo projects, there are a range of options. You can support the project by pre-purchasing:

  • Nu Chroma: the non-RFID blocking card holder for $25
  • Nu DuoChroma: the base level RFID blocking card holder for $40
  • Nu Persona: the premium aircraft grade aluminium RFID blocking card holder for $90

There are also personal editions, limited editions, gift packs and and a promo pack which may be perfect for your next customer swag bag.

With an estimated delivery date of May 2013, it could make it just in time for my birthday.