Your Input Requested: IoT Design Manifesto

You know that an industry is starting to get serious about business standards and models when it starts to corral people. And the Internet of Things (IoT) industry is no different.

When Elizabeth Eisenstein investigated the invention of the printing press, she identified five impacts of new media:

  • Experts coming under pressure from new voices who are early adopters of new technology
  • New organisations emerging to deal with the social, cultural and political changes
  • There is a struggle to revise the social and legal norms — especially in relation to intellectual property — and the concepts of identity and community are transformed
  • New forms of language come into being
  • Educators are pressured to prepare their students for the newly emerging world.

And with the IoT Design Manifesto, we’re now seeing a line in the sand. Initially drafted by a team of design professionals, the aim is to draw feedback from the community of professionals involved in the IoT field. You can sign the manifesto, download or simply read and share. But the question is – what’s missing? What can be strengthened? And perhaps most interesting of all – where to next; which of the five impacts will you work or collaborate on?

The manifesto thus far:

  1. We don’t believe the hype
  2. We design useful things
  3. We aim for the win-win-win
  4. We keep everyone and every thing secure
  5. We build and promote a culture of privacy
  6. We are deliberate about what data we collect
  7. We make the parties associated with an IoT product explicit
  8. We empower users to be the masters of their own domain
  9. We design things for their lifetime
  10. In the end, we are human beings.