Meet the HuffPost Hopenhagen Ambassador

In the leadup to Copenhagen, The Huffington Post has been running a competition to find a citizen journalist to represent the growing worldwide community of people hoping for a global climate agreement known as Hopenhagen. At first only a trickle of submissions came through, but as the deadline approached, bloggers, activists and concerned citizens reached for their webcams and video recorders to stake their claim as the Hopenhagen Ambassador.

Each person was given 60 seconds to put forward their credentials. Voting for each person was then opened – with those receiving the most community votes making a final Top 10. The top 10 was then judged by a worldwide panel (of which I took part) according to originality, creativity and environmental knowledge.

Today, with the conference underway, David Kroodsma has been announced as the winner. He will spend the next week meeting key figures in the climate change debate such as Al Gore and the Mayor of Copenhagen, carrying out interviews, writing blog posts and reporting back via the HuffPost Green site. David’s winning video entry is below.

And in case you missed the other entries, you can see them all here – and you can also see the local entry from Cathie McGinn below. If you have not as yet signed up for Hopenhagen, please consider doing so – for while the focus at present is on the politics, it is up to us all to push our governments to not just reach some form of global agreement, but to carry it through.