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The Marketing Now panel discussion

Last year I had a great time speaking and learning at the MarketingNow Conference in Melbourne. Siobhan Bulfin had put together a great program of speakers and created a unique, insightful and very focused event that really got conversations going – so much so that the group posterous site (for speakers AND conference attendees) continues to grow.

After the event, there was a great deal of discussion around the name of the event. What would it be called if it was held again? Was it really about marketing or was the conference, the workshop format and the discussions about marketing – or about broader topics – the changing nature of our identities, the social transformations taking place and the emergence of ubiquitous computing?

I am pleased to say that the next incarnation of the conference is to be held in Sydney, from April 7-9:

ConnectNow is a marketing and communications conference focusing on the convergence of social media, emerging technologies and enterprise. The three-day event brings together visionaries and specialists in the field of new media marketing, community management and social technologies covering the latest strategies, tools and best practices in marketing innovation.

I will be speaking (and would love to see you there). But Siobhan has jam-packed the program with some of the people who I have been reading and learning from for years – Gary Vaynerchuck, Brian Solis, Tara Hunt, Debs Schultz and Katie Chatfield together with Darren Rowse, Laurel Papworth, Jim Stewart, Stephen Johnson, Nathalie Hofsteede and Sharon Crost.

Until the end of January, you can pick up the two-day conference pass for $695, But that’s only for the early birds. Register to You won’t be disappointed.