Five Must-Read Posts

From innovation to execution and from twitter to real world impact, this week’s five must-read posts run the gamut.

  1. Theo Priestley reminds us that you are what you tweet. And that employers are scouring social media sites to learn more about your history, behaviour and suitability.
  2. The more things change, the more things stay the same. In fact, things may change, but our behaviour only shifts in small increments. Check out John Dodds’ seven year marketing itch.
  3. Are you marketing to millennials? Then Blair Reeves says, you’d best take them seriously. Great article!
  4. Do you live inside the circle or outside it? Dan Pink reminds us that the future won’t be that similar to the past. Time to get with the program.
  5. Aden Hepburn shares this great campaign against child abuse. Who says lenticulars are just toys?