Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

If you are like me, when life get busy, the first thing that stops is writing. And when life gets busier still, the next thing that disappears is reading.

But it’s not that reading and writing disappears completely. It’s more that the type and style changes. The choice narrows. We self-select. Rataionalise. Focus only on the most urgent. The most pressing. Important.

If this sound like you, then these five must-reads may be just what you are looking for:

  1. Jonathan Crossfield explains – in true storytelling style – just why content marketing should be a choose your own adventure.
  2. Let’s face it, there are a lot of lazy marketers out there. And a lot of lazy agencies. But if you want results, you have to shake things up. Don’t just slap your new TVC into a pre-roll format online. Matt Chisolm says it’s time to challenge your agency to add some value online.
  3. We all know how hard, intensive and complicated it can be to create a short message. How then, do you get the most out of Facebook sponsored posts? Laurel Papworth provides some clues.
  4. Dave Gray has an awesome article on the very funky It’s on Connecting Government. And it may well blow your mind.
  5. If you work in marketing and advertising, you may lament that the days of the long lunch are over. These days, almost everyone I know works long, hard hours. Neil Patel shares some tips on how to be a workaholic and not get burned out. Wurd.