Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

These days we see a lot of blog posts masquerading as news – about the industry, media, technology and so on. But there is often not a lot of insight, or action. There’s opinion and sometimes a few ideas – but precious few wrestle with what it means to live in media-saturated, always connected age. Here are five posts from last week that do. I hope they kickstart your brain for the week!

  1. Mark Hurst has an unusual point of view about Google Glasses – and it’s not about the technology. It’s about the experience. But it’s not what you think. It’s the feature no one is talking about. HT @ozdj
  2. Katie shares images from a photographer’s point of view. And how does he see the world? Framed by the view of his girlfriend. Great storytelling.
  3. The world is changing – but we sometimes forget that it changes at different rates for different people. Becky Lang shares some advice for college kids – what they don’t hear, but should.
  4. Great article from Edward Boches reminding us that social media isn’t about reach, controlling or drowning out the message, but about participation. And here’s what can happen when you do it right.
  5. Finally, powerhouse marketing innovator, CK has delivered a knockout transformation with her new website AllThingsCK, complete with mobile experience, an eBook and a range of new services designed to help you and your business. Get the full details on her blog.