Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

This week there has been plenty of discussion around the world of digital. From metrics to trust  and selling to strategy, it feels like digital – as a disruptive force – is itself being disrupted. This reinforces the sense that we must continuously update our skills and expertise – and work with one foot in the present and an eye on the future.

  1. Great article from Ben Kunz on the changing world of digital metrics. In Going for Global Metrics, comScore Dismisses Clicks, he explains that changing consumer behaviour warrants a rethinking of what we measure and how we measure in the digital domain.
  2. Drew McLellan says the hard sell doesn’t work anymore and argues that Selling Shouldn’t Equal Annoying. I think I agree.
  3. I almost missed this one – but am glad I didn’t. Roger Martin reminds us that Strategy is Not Planning.
  4. Have you ever shared a link without checking it first? Admit it! Well, Adrian Snood has a warning for you.
  5. Ellis Hamburger says you’re not gonna Like it: Facebook’s new search struggles with the real world