Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

5MustReads Each week I collect articles that inspire me.

Sometimes that means that I have dozens of extra tabs open in my web browser, and sometimes I rely on the astounding feedly feed reader. In both cases this week, I ended with a surfeit of great articles. Here are the best five of about 20 that could easily been published.

  1. Mark Pollard relentlessly plumbs personal experience to challenge our own stories and behaviours. He thinks the world would be less strange if we stopped making strangers out of men. I think he should write a book rather than a blog 😉
  2. How is enterprise software changing? Ken Yeung sits in on a conversation with some of the innovators who are eyeing up potential disruption in the enterprise market, and the message is clear: end users are the new CIO
  3. Not only do our in-built biases protect us, they also help us move forward, to dream impossible dreams. Maria Popova explains the science of our optimism bias and the life-cycle of happiness. Awesome
  4. Has Facebook lost its sheen for you or your brand? Do you feel you have lost control of your content? The Guardian is ending its year-long experiment in social reading and is moving away from Facebook. Will you?
  5. Ever wondered why your calls to action fall on deaf ears? Eaon Pritchard explains in terms of the diffusion of responsibility. Be sure to read it and make a comment. Be specific.