Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

Five Must-Read Posts from Last WeekBy now you will have seen a bunch of prediction articles for 2013 and trend documents looking back over the last year (or at least the last 11 months). I will endeavour to avoid these and focus on must-read articles that will kick start your thinking and not make you wonder off into future space or revisionism. Read on!

  1. When we are hard at work delivering on our business as usual targets, it can sometimes be hard to view your brand from the outside-in. While many turn to focus groups for this type of activity, sometimes an alternative approach is more fruitful. Drew McLellan suggests that your marketing strategy could do with an outside audit.
  2. And speaking of delivering on your day job, Scott Monty asks what happens when the pressure of content creation becomes too much. If content marketing is accelerating, then it is going to get a whole lot more serious.
  3. Craig Davis is pumping out some great posts on his new blog. Here he asks do you know what an idea is?
  4. Following this theme. Eaon Pritchard challenges us to think about what happens when an idea is strong, the creative is good but the strategy fails?
  5. And finally, something a little more introspective. Alex Lickerman investigates our sense of autonomy and its link to happiness. A great lunchtime read!