Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

5MustReads It feels a bit like back to the future this week – but with a touch of foresight!

Most of the must-reads that I have pulled out of the thousands of articles skimmed, checked and read last week come from those writers that I was most influenced by in my early blogging days. To this day they produce quality insight and actionable thinking. And if you don’t already subscribe to their feeds, do so – you’ll be glad you did.

  1. There is a lot of talk about social business – but much of it centres on the topic of technology. But we all know there’s much more to it that this. David Armano explains technology will only solve 1/3 of your social business problem
  2. Almost anything you read on Quartz, the recently launched “digitally native news outlet” is worth reading. With content defined by “obsessions” rather than “beats” you are bound to find more than you bargained for. This article on the diminishing returns of Facebook’s next billion users shows where the attention of the social media behemoth will need to shift
  3. I have long been a fan of John Seely Brown and his thinking on the subject of social learning. This animated highlights package from one of his recent talks – cultivating the entrepreneurial learner in the 21st century – is jam-packed with goodness
  4. Olivier Blanchard dismembers a recent Forrester report that was reported with the catchy headline “Forrester: Facebook and Twitter do almost nothing to drive sales”. The problem with bad science suggests Olivier, is that it can lead to poor strategic decisions. Read, learn and think
  5. Case studies can be brilliant for your content marketing – yet so many of them are written so poorly. Drew McLellan explains there are seven keys to compelling case studies