Does This Get Me Made, Laid or Paid?

We tend to overcomplicate things in the marketing world. We dig down into motivation, intention and desire. We walk the murky depths of persuasion and influence and spend inordinate amounts of time trolling data points in the hope of extracting a grain of insight.

But, if we are honest, most of us are wondering about the WIIFM model – what’s in it for me.

As consumers we THINK we have a handle on the exchange – a purchase for a good or service. But branding takes us beyond this – tapping into deeper needs and urges. After all, a consumer purchase is never just a transaction – and branding done well will ensure that we weigh up three key points – does this get me:

  • Made
  • Laid
  • Paid
The Social Retailer: what ‘social’ means for the future of commerce

Tara Hunt, founder of retailing startup buyosphere– explains this in more detail in this great presentation. Looking at the future of retail in a social context, she cuts through the social and marketing noise to concentrate on the most important thing. Not product. Not even design. But customers. And that’s why marketing really is sexy.

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