Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

Some weeks I feel like we are actually swimming in information – people are sharing and resharing information, knowledge and ideas, and in doing so, building the wave of information that threatens to overwhelm our meagre senses.

But if you have a good, strong network of clever people – people that you trust, have expertise and are willing to share it – then it becomes easier to wade through the torrent. It is in the curating of content that the rough diamond of an idea can be polished and revealed as a gem. Hope you enjoy these five jewels!

  1. When we think about social recommendation – the way in which curated content impacts an audience, it’s important to think about the way in which you construct your recommendation. Rachel Beaney shares her thoughts on high click rates and social recommendation.
  2. By now, I just presume that anyone who is interested in blogging or social media has ProBlogger on their reading list. In case you missed this one – here is a Four-Point Formula for Developing Irresistable Content.
  3. And speaking of “content”, Trevor Young shares this infographic on the Content Marketing Explosion. Did you know that 62% of companies outsource their content marketing? That’s big business.
  4. Olivier Blanchard reminds us of 10 things we still need to know about social media / social business. We should probably write this on the wall in front of us.
  5. Now that we are well and truly into the swing of 2012, Drew McLellan shares five things that will derail your marketing in 2012. Watch out!