Social Media Week and The Social Enterprise Hub at SAP

Social branding, online communities, social business and product integration are big and popular topics at the moment. Every day you will see blog posts, articles, whitepapers, videos and conferences devoted to these topics – yet there is a vast gap between those who can “talk” about social media and those who “do” social media within a business context.

During the week February 13-17, 2012, Social Media Week seeks to remedy this with a focus on the business impact of social media. For those near San Francisco, you will be able to attend the “content hubs” hosted by Cisco (focusing on B2B operationalisation) and SAP (focusing on the “social audience”).

My colleague, Natascha Thomson, Cross-LOB Marketing Consultant at SAP (@nathomson), discusses the importance of knowing the difference between “hype” and “reality” when it comes to social media best practices, and what people can expect at SAP’s Social Enterprise Hub.

Topics that will be covered include Topical Influencers, Reaching Developers, Testing Your Way Into Social, Enterprise & Startups, Trading & Investment, Developer Relations, Regulation & Legal, Business Systems,  Business Information Design, Customer Relationship Management and Human Resource Management. The SAP Social Enterprise Hub should have a live feed for those of us who live too far away to attend – but details are yet to be made available.

You can check out the full schedule for the week here.