Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

As you read the posts below, I’d like you to think about subscribing to these blogs. I know that many people think that “feed readers” are old school now, but they really can be powerful (especially if you use them well).

Try Feedly or something like Flipboard if you have an iPad. Categorise the blogs in a way that works for you.

While there are thousands of blog posts published each day, the great bloggers produce consistently good content. It’s worth coming back to them regularly!

  1. If you work in a non-profit organisation – in fact – if you are interested in understanding how social media can help you build relationships with ANY audience, you should really subscribe to John Haydon’s excellent blog. Here John shares a video of Gary Vaynerchuck reminding us all to say “thank you”.
  2. The changes to Klout last week had many people up in arms. But as Kate Carruthers explains, we’ve always judged people’s status and influence – how they dress, speak and what they drive – and with systems like Klout, we’re still just at the beginning.
  3. For years we have focused on bringing creativity into the business environment. And yet, we also create processes and environments which stifle the impact of this creativity. I think we could do with looking at business in a new way – and Tac Anderson thinks we may just need to bring more anthropology students into the business world.
  4. We all know that work and life can be overwhelming – especially when everything around you keeps changing. This great post from Amber Naslund explains how to work with rolling goals so that you feel comfortable changing your goals as you, your conditions, your life and work necessitates.
  5. We have all lived through a death by powerpoint, right? Kevin Dugan suggests that you reorder your slide decks to bring the payoff forward. After all, you don’t want to deliver that last “gotcha” slide to an empty room!