Joey Quits with Style

I don’t know about you, but I find resigning from a job a bit of a challenge. I tend to put a lot of energy and commitment into my work and into my relationships with colleagues – so leaving can be a little traumatic.

But sometimes – just sometimes – leaving can be immensely cathartic. 

Take this approach from Joey and his friends from the What Cheer? Brigade. He claims that three years of poor treatment by management at the Renaissance Providence Hotel led him to this point … and seems to savour every moment (and who wouldn’t with over 1 million views).

We often say that “our employees are our best assets” – but how many business cultures and how many managers bring that to life? And as we continue to see the Social Way manifest in more lives and in more places, our business practices as executives, managers – and yes, even employees – will face deeper scrutiny.

It’s time to get your house in order.

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