Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

With the global zeitgeist in full swing, I often find threads of connections between the posts that catch my attention. Maybe that is my own desire to pattern match. Or maybe it is the emerging global consciousness. Which ever way, each of these five posts have a thread of connection – even though the authors may not know or read each others’ blogs. Maybe now that will change!

Which of the following five must-read posts inspires you most?

  1. One of the challenges for any business – especially a startup – is to raise awareness. The tried and true approach here is the traditional “press release”. Alan Jones has written a great article on How to Write and Deliver a Startup Press Release. And there are lessons there for all of us. Not jus the startups.
  2. Let’s face it, our markets (and our customers) change all the time. And in business, one of the largest challenges is balancing the long term with the short – keeping an eye on trends, an eye on your customers and a vital, third eye on your business. What should executives focus on? Neil Perkin shares some insight in Playing the Long Game.
  3. We often talk about business having an impact beyond the business. Indeed, research indicates that most people prefer (and Gen Y demand) that their employers contribute to the “greater good”. Kate Carruthers takes time out from her busy Rugby World Cup watching schedule and shares some insight into the challenges that Corporate Social Responsibility and the Triple Bottom Line represent.
  4. But then businesses do face serious challenges – attracting talent, growing business, remaining relevant to their customers and markets. Danny Brown suggests that one way to do so is to Think Bigger Than You.
  5. This type of thinking is a double edged sword. Employees want their companies to think outside of the box, but companies – in return – expect a similar commitment. Stan Johnson was surprised at how many young creatives were unaware of TED and suggested they consume some ideas worth spreading. Amen.