We Are What We Share

When AddThis launched it was a very welcome addition to the blogging tool set. No longer did we need to clumsily add icons or images and links to the bottom of each web page. We simply added a few lines of code to our blog templates and a row of sharing buttons would appear. Like magic.

But the best thing of all was the analytics. AddThis were ahead of the game in providing decent analytics your posts, click throughs and so on. In the process, they have accumulated a wealth of information about WHAT we share and WHY. This infographic celebrates AddThis’ five year anniversary.


3 thoughts on “We Are What We Share

  1. It’s interesting to see that most data still gets shared via copy and paste even though sharing buttons have made the process that much simpler. That says to me that people only want to share with certain people or groups and not all of their connections.

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