What Happens When Coal Seam Gas Comes to Your Town?

Depending on who you listen to, coal seam gas (CSG) is the greatest economic driver open to Australia or one of the greatest threats to our way of living.

This video – from the SBS Insight program – brings a range of viewpoints into the one room. There are farmers like Ruth Armstrong and Graham Clapham from the Darling Downs, Drew Hutton from Lock the Gate Alliance, Carl McCamish from Origin Energy, Monash University researcher and lecturer Gavin Mudd, Chris Moran from University of Queensland, Andrew Brier from the Queensland Government and Ray Brown, Regional Mayor of the Darling Downs (and many more). But this debate is not just about the environment – it’s also about economics, business, food security and social cohesion.

It’s a hot topic – and while it is clear that all participants have an agenda and with currently around 2000-3000 CSG wells active in Queensland and another 25,000 planned – this is a topic that is bound to continue to challenge us all.