Who Makes Snow?

Good copywriting is hard work – and hard to come by.

But this ad from National Australia Bank is a winner in my book. Some great visual storytelling – often in juxtaposition to the narrative – combined with sharp editing and a nice balance between landscape, industry and faces bring a warmth to the often bland branding associated with financial services.

What do you think? Thumbs up? Thumbs down? Meh?

Via @acatinatree

3 thoughts on “Who Makes Snow?

  1. One thumb up, one thumb down. I loved the voice-over talent and some of the creative ideas for pedestrian questions “who makes us look beautiful?” was a particular fave.
    But I think it could have been about a third shorter, or if it had to be that long to fit TV, it could have gone some place else and back again rather than asking quite so many of the same questions.

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