Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. I have delivered keynote presentations, workshops and been part of panel discussions. I participated in podcasts and even spoke at Social Media Club Adelaide. Now, I am just catching my breath and catching up on some reading – and what a collection I have for you this week. Check it out.

  1. The first post is really two – read Anne Zelenka’s Big Ideas Require Social Connection and then take a look at Mark Pollard’s the big idea versus small idea debate is dumb. Here’s why. I love finding these types of connection.
  2. Have you sponsored blog posts or tweets? Do they work? Mitch Joel explains why more and more marketers are paying for blog posts and tweets – and begs us not to make this new medium feel so old.
  3. We hear a lot about “influence” – who has it, how you measure it and why it’s all so hard. Rebecca Denison shares five reasons why measuring influence is elusive.
  4. Danny Brown has a fine rant on Klout, Facebook and other social network platforms and tools. He says, Enough with the opt-out bullshit, Klout.
  5. In social media – and in marketing – we talk a lot about optimising, about refining and balancing. We are looking for the optimum outcome. But are we looking for the wrong thing? Valeria Maltoni thinks so. She says we need more visionaries. What do you think?