Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

I am often surprised by what ends up on this list!

As I find useful articles during the week, I jot them into a draft post using Microsoft’s excellent LiveWriter. If inspired I will write a couple of notes for later, otherwise I only write the explanation in preparation for publishing.

  1. Sarah Evans cherry picks her best social media statistics especially for your next presentation. My favourite – “AOLs newsroom is now bigger than the New York Times”
  2. During the week, Edelman released its new tweetlevel and bloglevel tools for ranking influence. R Ray Wang has a good overview of the tool and provides a couple of suggestions for improvement
  3. And on the topic of “influence”, Valeria Maltoni says everyone is wrong about influence – except your customers
  4. By now you’ve probably checked out Google+ – I’m sure the Facebook product development team have. But should they have seen this coming? Did you? Ben Kunz thinks so
  5. Having worked at IBM years ago, it’s no surprise to read there was some “spirited debate” on the shift towards social business. This interview by Rick Liebling with IBM’s Ethan McCarty provides some interesting perspectives on what it takes to shift the needle on social.