NAB to Banks – It’s About the Honesty

A couple of months ago, the National Australia Bank caused a stir in the financial services industry by encouraging the customers of other banks to “break up” with their bank. This weekend, NAB are taking it to a new level, running a series of social experiments on the subject of honesty – and publicising the results. Here’s a sample.

Apparently, Australians are an honest bunch – and the #honestaus campaign wants to bring that honesty to into the world of credit cards. What do you think? Is it a stunt or is it for real? Is that what we want from banks?

It sure makes a change from the staid, mechanistic communications I normally receive from my banks. And that’s the honest truth.

2 thoughts on “NAB to Banks – It’s About the Honesty

  1. Not much comment about the videos, that is a seperate issue altogether. Checking out the comparison between NAB and different credit cards reminded me the value proposotion when Virgin introduced its credit card mid last decade. Playing the underdog against the evil banks, promosing to be less greedy, more transparent etc.The funny thing is, with the usual good branding of Virgin, it became successful and then Virgin sold the credit card to Westpac and it was back to square one.

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