Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

With the launch of Google+ last week I could easily devote this week’s five must-reads to posts demonstrating the more interesting aspects. But it’s still early days – and marketers would be well served to follow the 3Ps of innovation discovery –> peruse-play-participate (that is, check it out by watching what others are doing, try a few things by signing up and dip your toe in the water by participating with selected groups). In the meantime, here are five posts from last weeks that you can share on your new Google+ stream:

  1. While we are all immersed in technology and connectivity, Ross Dawson reminds us that there is real value in physical space and distance – especially when it comes to team building retreats
  2. I’m fascinated by the concept that social media is a cultural resistance to what Umair Haque calls the Great Stagnation. In this cracking post, he asks us to reconsider what we invest our resources in – claiming the “best investment you can make … is in living a life that matters”
  3. What would it take to reinvent your city? What could or should be possible? Craig Wilson puts forward his plan for creating an innovative city – focusing on reinventing Newcastle in New South Wales’ Hunter Valley. A SXSW for the Hunter anyone?
  4. Can you promote your community via crowdsourcing? Drew McLellan shows how you can apply the Age of Conversation principles to your own business activities
  5. Chris Brogan puts in the hard work of discovery and analysis and shares his thoughts on Google+. He reminds us that in social media – it’s never a lock-in – people migrate and change. Remember Friendster? Remember MySpace? Think it can’t happen to Facebook? Chris gives it a GooglePlus50.

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