Escape Mediocrity

manifesto-image1 We live in a time where apathy has become a way of life. Where near enough is good enough. And where we only open our mouths to receive another spoon-fed morsel.

We have lionised failure and hardened our hearts. We’ve lost the art of adventure and dampened our curiosity, and cocooned ourselves in the safety of our own beliefs.

It’s a shame.

In fact, it’s a travesty.

Don’t you think it’s time we reignite and live by the daily miracles that make life worth living? Sarah Robinson does – and has produced an Escaping Mediocrity Manifesto. Check it out – and share what you believe.

3 thoughts on “Escape Mediocrity

  1. This hits on some of the same points that John Hagel touches on in The Power of Pull. It’s all about passion and intrinsic motivators.

  2. It does indeed! I’m seeing more of John’s thinking seeping into conversation – perhaps the edge is coming to the core? Great to see!

  3. There is an increasing number of people who innovate, inspire, and drive excellence everyday. I am optimistic that people are in the constant lookout for what drives them, things that could ignite their passion. Until then can we only see excellence.

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