Questions for a Better Future at #gathering11

I’ve just spent the last weekend immersed in the deep thoughts and creative actions of a hundred or so social innovators and business activists at the inaugural Gathering11. Organised and curated by the unstoppable David Hood, it brought together people from all around the world – Ralf Lippold, Venessa Miemis, Christine Egger, Michel Bauwens, Jean Russell, Annalie Killian, Tim Longhurst, Stephen Johnson and a host of others (more links, names and ideas to come).

It was one of my personal highlights to spend time with the brilliant and personable Ray Wang and business strategy guru and big wave surfing passionista, John Hagel. I even got to brainstorm with Adam Bandt during a World Cafe workshop.

There was much to enjoy, think about and act upon at this two day conference. I am still processing much of it – but one thing that I liked was the chance to articulate, raise and express the questions that we have for the future. Where does the environment fit in? What will our work and personal lives look and feel like? What’s the role of governments and institutions?

Many of these questions came from the participants themselves – and were captured in photography by Courtney Crow below. Do these questions resonate with you? Was there something we missed?

Over the coming days I will be sifting through my notes and thoughts and writing up some ideas. There’s more to come. Don’t forget to check out the Gathering11 site.

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