Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

There have been some great articles published this week – a bit of controversy and a lot of insight. And for the first time in some time, all the must-read posts come from my local peeps here in Australia. Hope you enjoy!

  1. What happens when traditional media and social media clash? Social Content and Context is a great post from Tiphereth Gloria detailing her own experience at the hands of a lazy and sensationalist piece of journalism
  2. Nicola Swankie shares her recent experience at an “exclusive” bar and then discusses some lessons that brands can apply to their social media excursions
  3. In Make Me a Mixed Tape Mandi Bateson highlights the Kaiser Chiefs recent crowd-curation efforts with the release of their new album
  4. Chris Savage delivers a bunch of new posts – and shares The Secret to Winning Pitches
  5. Julian Cole is building out MacGyvers Digital Strategy Training Guide. You know you’re going to want to read this.

4 thoughts on “Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

  1. Those are indeed great articles! I’m currently reading Nicola Swankie’s “Brand socialising” which I find very interesting. Hope you could feature some blogs that tackles business.. preferably “small business for sale” or “buying a franchise”.

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