Five Must Read Posts from Last Week

As usual, there was some great content published last week (and I already have some good fodder for next week!) In case you have not had a chance to scour your RSS feeds, take a look at these five posts to give your brain a kickstart.

  1. How do we extract meaning from our overwhelmingly connected lives? Stephen Johnson shares The Third Place Manifesto suggesting that overlapping communities of passion may just disrupt our sense of reality enough to help us forge a new understanding.
  2. I don’t normally feature posts from the big blog networks, but this interview with Paul Graham, cofounder of Y Combinator has some great lessons for innovators, entrepreneurs and marketers alike.
  3. Katie Dreke is curating a lovely Tumblr blog with plenty of inspirational content. Take a quick look and you’ll see why it lives up to the name ObsessiveCompulsive.
  4. Ron Shevlin shares the World’s Worst – Or Best – Powerpoint Slide. I think in the past I could have been responsible for something like this.
  5. There’s a real gap between talk and walk. How do you measure the difference between popularity and influence? Valeria Maltoni shares some of her thoughts on this challenging subject.