Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

The best of last week’s reads were heavily contested. I could have easily found 10 posts that would astound you. But in the end I stuck with the five – after all I know how busy you are. Some of these posts are longer than average, but they are dealing with some challenging issues. I trust you’ll find them fascinating.

  1. Do you love blogging? Has it changed the way you think or work? Does the chaos of information boggle or thrill you? Tac Anderson talks about blogging – what he loves and why it has changed his life.
  2. In the technology and social media world, we all have to contend with new platforms and devices that emerge with an almost never ending energy. But at a certain point in time money dries up, interest wanes and consolidation begins. What does this look like? Ben Kunz discusses the Path to Social Media Consolidation and suggests it’s happening before our very eyes.
  3. How does good advertising work? It invites you into the storytelling process. Paul McEnany explains this as The Pretending Layer and provides some wonderful examples of it in action.
  4. When you are in the world of content and social media, it’s important to remember that you are “makers” – that you create, craft and produce something of value (to someone). This Codified Set of Builders, Crafters and Makers Rules was spotted by Collyn Ahart. Awesome.
  5. We’ve all been arguing for years about the big idea vs the small idea. But Gareth Kay takes a different approach and explains precisely Why Small Matters Check it.

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