Lessons in Corporate Social Reputation Management from Dell

Dell have learned their social media lessons the hard way. In fact, you’ve probably heard more than one of their success stories.

These successes have been achieved in a systematic way, using targeted approaches and clear measurements. As shown in this presentation, step 1 is listening and engagement, with step 2, the creation of an online influencer relations program.

But the thing I like most is slide 4. Once you are listening and you have begun your influencer relations program, think about the programs that you are going to build out in each of your lines of business. Look for business champions who see the need and have the opportunity. Look for the quick wins and then promote those champions to the other lines of business. Back up these “hero” stories with measurements and outcomes (even preliminary outcomes are fine). And finally, share best practices. Rinse and repeat.

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  1. Not only corporates but also wannabe sort of corporates like harvey norman .Look what happened when you have just one man on the helm deciding the way PR is to be done for the company.

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