Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

Last week there seemed to be fewer but longer posts on my reading list. The regular bloggers that I follow wrote less, but they went deeper than usual, churning out deeper, presentation format style posts. So while some of these posts will take you a little longer to read, be sure that there’s a payoff – there’s some great knowledge sharing going on, and it should be applauded!

  1. Tac Anderson writes about the New Social CMO and how performance in the digital-to-consumer channel is a strong indicator of overall marketing and business performance
  2. Stan Johnson’s observations on the advertising industry and the shifting and unpredictable consumer society in which we live makes for one of my favourite blogs. Stan asks what ever happened to those virtual agencies?
  3. Kickstarter, the darling of crowd-financing scene just turned two years old. Check out the graph that shows the growth in dollars pledged to new projects per month (and it is not cumulative!). Read the post to learn some of the reasons behind their success
  4. In What’s Next for Me, Valeria Maltoni talks about her next move and how she is creating a job by finding a problem to solve
  5. You’ve probably known this for some time, but Assholes are Bad for Business. Just ask Olivier Blanchard.