Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

This week we seem to be asking a lot of questions. We seem to be challenging the orthodoxy, digging into the details and throwing various cats amongst the squadrons of social media pigeons.

There are questions of style and of substance. Questions of tactics and strategy. And even a walk in the hall of mirrors.

All-in-all, it makes for great reading.

  1. Craig Wilson’s Customer Service in the Digital Age: Radiohead v Vodafone sets out some of the tactics that have worked for rock bands and suggests that brands could learn a thing or two from the world of rock
  2. Did you know that 30% of mums use Facebook constantly through the day and that 73% check into their social networks daily? Mandi Bateson digs into the data to show exactly why, in Australia, Mums Own Social Media
  3. You may be talented, but are you buyable? If you are building your “generalist” skills in the industry, consider also where you go deep. BBH Labs asks Are the junior talent in advertising packaging themselves wrong?
  4. I love a good story – and I love to see it being told via social media. But as Kris Hoet reminds us, you need to get your internal story sorted out before you go public. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the external story is the only one that matters.
  5. You might have the talent, the ambition and even the ego to make it to the top – but do you have the right name? Neil Perkin uses LinkedIn data to ask What’s in a Name?

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