The Winners + Losers in Social Networks

The folks from Ignite Social Media have put together this infographic on the winners and losers in social media. I like the way they have thrown in some unusual facts – like the oldest, youngest and richest users of various social networks. They also suggest which social networks are on the rise, and that others are on the way out. What do you think? Are they on the money?

winners losers-social-networks

3 thoughts on “The Winners + Losers in Social Networks

  1. Good graphic – I think the really interesting part is seeing the side-by-side comparison of the top 5 winners and losers – those charts are really telling.

  2. Thanks for sharing this infographic. I think that what really stands out is that there are so many more social networking sites out there than the big ones. However, where are the Twitter stats?

  3. Hi Gavin. I would suggest, a new social network site I founded just a few months ago. We are on the verge of a big development and marketing push over the summer. I expect Koowie will be in the top ten US social sites by the end of the year. Please check us out and if you have any questions, let me know. Thanks.

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