Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

This week I mix it up a little, with a bit of social media, some politics, some pop culture and a good dose of “do the right thing”. These five posts will get you started nicely this week.

  1. Amber Naslund writes An Open Letter to the Social Business Industry suggesting that we temper our claims, promises and approaches
  2. Former NSW Premier Bob Carr suggests that there are two questions we should be asking in the current debate over clubs and poker machines. Read his post to learn why the clubs fight
  3. Dan Perez owns up, explaining that he loves American Idol – and shows why you should too. It’s a must read for the budding social media participant
  4. Katie Chatfield reminds us that it’s easy to be a douchebag – and the challenge is to feel the fire, but not be burned
  5. Mandi Bateson shares a great example of communications planning – asking So You Created a Viral Video. What Next?