Advance Australia Fair

An unexpected find while trolling YouTube for inspiration … Katie Noonan’s performance of the Australian national anthem. One of the best versions I have ever heard – and it even includes the mythical second verse.

2 thoughts on “Advance Australia Fair

  1. Performances of our national anthem is one of the biggest insults to this country. I can’t believe some of the sh1t performances. It’s embarrassing.
    How they can let artists “interpret” the national anthem and let them change the tempo and have long endings etc is beyond me. It’s terrible when they pan to sportsmen who can’t even sing it because they can’t figure out how the person is delivering it.
    When I am Prime Minister I will employ 10 or so great singers, like Julie Andrews (she does the best national anthem bar none, just ask Mum Oyster), and only they will be allowed to perform it live.
    If they area unavailable then they must play a recorded version.
    Rant complete

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