Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

Sometimes I have a hard time finding five posts that really ring my bell. At other times, there is an abundance of great thinking. This week is an example of the latter.

Over the last week I have read some great articles, shared many of them with my Twitter followers and made notes for future blog posts. And while I still love Twitter for the immediacy, when I need detail or when I crave analysis, I turn to blogs. And I think many people are the same.

So while it’s easy to think that blogging is past its prime, I still believe that blogging is yet to hit its serious stride. These five must-read posts make my point:

  1. Concerned at the direction that Facebook is taking, Geoff Livingston confirms with his readers that the Facebook Empire Ends Here.
  2. Beth Harte suggests it’s about time that marketers make a change. Rethinking the Marketing Mix from the Customer’s Perspective takes the Four Cs of the customer-centric model and throws it up against the Four Ps of marketing. Who wins? Always the customer.
  3. Venessa Miemis is asking for input on the Future of Facebook. What’s your view? Where is it going for you – and importantly, do you care?
  4. At a conference last week, Jye Smith provided 5 Lessons in Community Management and a case study on Red Bull Bedroom Jam. You can check out his thinking on his blog.
  5. Jacob Morgan pulls together 50+ Enterprise 2.0 Case Studies and Examples – a great resource for anyone seeking inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

  1. Hi Gavin, thanks for the link to my post, appreciate it. And yes, the customer always wins…but in the case of the four C’s — so does the company! Less resources and time wasted when you are in sync with customers.

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