Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

In the past, December has been a month of frantic activity that lasts a week or so, and then it’s a matter of wrapping up loose ends, presents and extra surprise, last minute gifts. This year, it seems that we are all running frantically towards the end of the year with no stop point on the tinsel covered horizon. It’s been busy, busy, busy.

But no matter whether we like it or not, a stop point will come. A New Year will dawn. And there will be work to do, ideas to hatch and projects to kick along.

And just to prove this busyness out, here are five great posts that sound like they have the volume set to 11 on the awesomeness scale. Rock on.

  1. Andy Wibbels over at Get Satisfaction shares The Evolution of CRM Infographic. Or more precisely, it’s the evolution of Social CRM. Not bad. It’s very much focused on the Get Satisfaction model, but does get you thinking. Does it apply to your business?
  2. Because, no doubt, early next year you’ll be asking for the top Australian memes or virals for 2010, be sure to check Julian Cole’s collection.
  3. Ever wondered how Groupon happens to sound so quirky and engaging all the time? Well, here’s the Groupon Secret Copywriting Guide. Some nice tips for us all to remember!
  4. Edward Boches explains, in the context of Frank Rose’s new book, that the story of storytelling is shifting. So what is the future of stories? Yes, it’s the internet. No surprise – right? Wrong. The surprise is in the “why”.
  5. Stefano Maggi rounds out the five must-reads with a gem – reminding us that CRM is in Your Product.