Top Tweets of 2010

Twitter’s year in review for 2010 has listed the top 10 most powerful tweets of the year. My favourite of the list comes from @BPGlobalPR. But I also have my own favourites … which I keep track of through the year. Here are my top six.

This is like the Triple Word Score on Twitter. Derek Jenkins, Nick Hodge and Scott Rhodie all in one delicious package.


This one from Connie Reece still makes me laugh.


Robert Campbell endears himself to yet another community.


Michael Specht talking career aspirations …


Annik Skelton’s always vying for a spot on any top tweet list. Here’s one from her vast repertoire.


And finally, Peter Flaschner reveals the issues with having like names on Twitter – eww indeed!


Do you have a list of favourite tweets? Who / what works for you?

One thought on “Top Tweets of 2010

  1. I’d like to thank my parents for making my cynicism possible.
    [Thank them in a good way, not because they were bastards]

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