How To Pitch

Here’s an interesting presentation on how startups should pitch to investors. There’s nothing earth shattering – but the design is great. But perhaps, the most interesting thing about this presentation is how widely it could be used.

Don’t just think of pitching a new business or startup. Think about your own projects (internal or external). Think about how you need to convince your wife that you should have a shiny new motorbike, or a sports car or a trip to Vegas. Use the same approach with your boss when pitching for a raise.

The same principles apply in all cases. Now just bite the bullet.

One thought on “How To Pitch

  1. Hi Gavin! Thanks for reviewing the prez, I’m glad you liked it!
    I’ll be mentioning your take on it a post I’m writing about the making of the presentation. I’ll drop you a line with the link when I post it.

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