Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

Are we really almost at the end of 2010? It seemed to sneak up on me!

  1. Yanuar Prisantoso has compiled a collection of 55 social media infographics. While some of these are a little old – or well loved – there are a couple that I had not seen before.
  2. Valeria Maltoni reminds us that the big bang of social media is being driven by content creation and easy-to-use publishing tools – but that this is not enough. Real value with social media comes down to influence – or authority – which is in itself, a renewable resource.
  3. My good friend, Drew McLellan closes out his look at Trendwatching’s trends prediction for 2011 by looking at “planned sponteneity” and two other movements.
  4. Do you have a digital philosophy? Charles Frith suggests that the propensity for “group-think” can overtake the more important questions. Insightful as always.
  5. When do you share your content? Chris Brogan reminds us that it’s important to know when to send your updates. The same applies to eDM and to blog posts. Know your audience, what they need and when, and you’re bound to be successful.