Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

Normally around this time of the year, blogging tends to ease off. There are projects to finish off, opportunities to close out and parties to attend. It’s a feast! But as this week’s must-reads points out, there’s plenty of puff left in the world of ideas. Expect a renewed burst of activity as our American friends return from their Thanksgiving breaks.

  1. Over on Jason Falls’s blog, Tom Webster looks at the way internal content is being created within a social/professional context. Think applications like Yammer or SocialText or even Jive. He asks, will we need to find someone someday to take the best of this content, mine it, and publish it for an external audience?
  2. Karl Long observes the convergence of marketing and gaming and shares his thoughts around awareness, value and culture. Fascinating stuff.
  3. When I think of the words “numbers men”, I always think of those faceless political operators in dark, smoke filled rooms who select leaders of their party. But the folks from Datalicious would leave their number crunching for dead. Check out the recent ACMA research on eCommerce in Australia.
  4. Looking for a unique Christmas gift for the person who has everything? You may just want to check out The World’s Smallest Postal Service.
  5. We have been talking (and writing) about content for years. But Steve Rosenbaum suggests it’s time we switch our attention from creation to curation. Perhaps we’ll see the digital strategist morphing into digital curators. Perhaps it’s already taking place right under our noses.