Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

Five must-read posts from last weekThere’s always so much good thinking and discussion to follow. But how do you keep up? How do you consume all that’s available, all that’s good? It’s a never ending feast! And in this never ending all-you-can-eat marketing world, I’d just like to offer you this small digestif. Don’t worry, it’s wafer thin.

  1. One of my favourite topics of the last 12 months or so has been the way that our (personal) use and interest in social technologies is impacting the way we do business. So, I really dug Four ways in which consumers use social media to influence the business life.
  2. How do you describe the Internet? Here’s one description (and a story from Jye Smith) that really got me thinking.
  3. How did crowdsourcing agency, Victors & Spoils win the creative account for Harley Davidson? This article by Melanie Wells explains just why Harley was tempted by this new style of agency.
  4. Ever had a cunning plan? Ever had it fail? Leo Bottary outlines Ten Common Reasons Strategic Plans Fail. Let’s see, I can claim at least a couple of those points.
  5. And Then There Was 1. After running a campaign for the last week, receiving almost 1200 applications from around the world, Standard Chartered in Singapore has found a new team member for their social media program. And yes, it seems that Katherine Liew really is the coolest intern in the world. Congratulations to Katherine!