The 10 Most Popular Topics on the Web

The web has been a geek paradise for decades. There are massive sites focusing on technology and gadgets, places you can buy everything from desktop computers through to TVs and blogs/platforms dedicated to “tech stuff” in all its forms. So you’d think that technology would be the most popular topic on the web, right? Interestingly, in this episode of MonitorChat.TV, the first tech topic represented in the list comes in at #2 – gaming. But, by a significant margin, the most popular topic on the web is … health. And it seems this is universal.

Health remains the #1 topic in all of the surveyed countries. And – importantly – it’s not just “information” that we are seeking. We seek the input of others – of those in our social networks. So if you are in the business of health and you are not yet considering the social dimension of your patient, supplier, partner and practitioner base, then you may find your competitors leaving you behind. Interesting times indeed!

Oh and if you want to see the other eight topics, check out the video.